Product quality

Each manufactured batch of products passes quality control

More than 3000 surveys are conducted daily

The 13 specialized labs employing more than 100 people

1. High-quality raw materials

We manufacture our own products from quality raw materials. The Group "Prodo" includes not only the processing plant, but also a business raising poultry and pigs as well as arable and animal feed businesses. Full production cycle enable us to ensure that our finished product does not contain growth hormones and GMOs.

2. Laboratory control

With the help of modern equipment in specialized laboratories on the territory of enterprises Group "Prodo" we carry out veterinary and laboratory quality control of the entire product creation chain.


We manufacture products according to GOST is the main part of our product range.

4. Unique technology

Despite the high rates of technical re-equipment, we maintain the continuity of ancient recipes. In many enterprises, the Group "Prodo" preserved plant, where production on the unique traditional recipes.

5. Modern packaging

We use modern packaging technology to preserve the freshness and high quality of consumer "Prodo" products.

6. Efficient logistics

We competently organize our logistics: thanks to a wide and diversified Group structure fresh produce is delivered to the shops in a few hours.

7. ISO

Production processes of our companies are organized on the basis of internal corporate quality system requirements. management systems in the field of quality and safety in line with international standards of ISO series.