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"Luzinskaya Krynochka" is a favorite dairy brand of Omsk residents.

Adhering to the best traditions of production, we offer you only natural dairy products that conform to all requirements in the field of safety and quality.

We believe that milk is a unique product created by nature. It is necessary for everyone since birth until senior years. For this reason, we take an active position in promoting dairy products.

We make only natural dairy products. Neither stabilizers nor thickeners are used in production. High-quality products only from natural primary produce — this is a guarantee of our company's successful performance. We love our products, therefore, to us it is important that they are not only tasty but also good and safe. For this purpose, we created a taste test center where a tasting of all the products takes place on a daily basis. Our employees act as tasters who are capable of approaching an assessment in a demanding and critical manner.