The "Perm Meat Processing Plant" trademark is one of the widely known brands in the Perm Krai.

It is made at the factory of the same name in Perm that celebrated its 190th anniversary in 2014. The history of the meat-processing plant started when the decree of the Russian emperor Alexander I was issued in 1823. Age-old history means, first of all, traditions that are still honored at the enterprise.

Although today the production facilities are furnished with the most modern equipment, some types of products are made according to old technologies. For example, sausages under the "Perm Meat Processing Plant" brand are still smoked on beechen flakes, without using cheaper substitutes that are not really useful to health, including "liquid smoke".

Other types of products do not contain harmful ingredients either. Exclusively fresh domestic meat byproducts are used for their production, and the production process is automated to the maximum. In total, the product range contains over 150 items.

The product quality is controlled very strictly: at the enterprise, the quality management system conforming to requirements of the ISO 22000 international system was implemented. It is not surprising that products under the "Perm Meat Processing Plant" brand have received numerous awards of the well-known exhibitions and tenders of regional and Russian scale from year to year, and moreover, have entered acknowledged ratings, such as "100 Best Goods of Russia".