"Yasnaya Gorka" is a young and dynamically developing federal brand of sausages and delicacies made from poultry meat.

Originality, naturalness, lightness, usefulness, high quality and unforgettable taste – these are the essential elements of the brand. "Yasnaya Gorka" is a wide line of sausages, ham, sausage rolls and bratwursts, rolls and smoked meat. The range contains about 100 items. All products are made from selected poultry meat that is carefully grown on the PRODO Group's own poultry farms. The ideal balance of light and red chicken meat in recipes, low level of salt, a gentle texture and refined taste will not leave consumers indifferent.

The products are specially created for people with an active view of life who have little free time for cooking, but who find it important to eat healthy food. Even the most demanding consumers will find something to taste in "Yasnaya Gorka"!