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The "Troyekurovo" brand won "The Brand of the Year" in 2015 at a tasting competition within the "From an Egg to a Broiler" International Poultry Breeders Forum.

"Troyekurovo" is a brand that has been caring for its customers since 2008

The freshness of products, the highest quality and, of course, a wide range of products – here are the main values of the brand that remain invariable from the moment of its foundation.

Strict control guarantees quality and freshness of products during all the production phases. Top-ranked specialists are working constantly on the development of the product range.

"Troyekurovo" products are made only in ecologically safe areas at the PRODO Group own factories. The poultry is grown on high-quality feed produced locally. We do not use growth hormones and GMO. Modern technologies allow keeping all the nutritious properties of chicken meat.

All this provides a sincere love of the brand's consumers: there are more than 17 million buyers a year. Millions of Russian families have already chosen "Troyekurovo". Try it for yourself!