"Tsarskaya Okhota" is a trademark of premium dry-cured game meat products: roes, deer, and Manchurian deer.

"Tsarskaya Okhota" presents the best traditions of game delicacies preparation realized in products that everyone can try today. This is a delicacy for true gourmets.

We make products under the "Tsarskaya Okhota" brand only from wild animals that were born and grew in a reserved Siberian taiga. Animals grow and eat in the wild nature; therefore, their meat is so rich in vitamins and minerals. The main feature of game meat is a characteristic pleasant taste, a high nutrition value, and utilization. Game meat is notable for low calories and is known as a dietary product.

For sausages "Tsarskaya Okhota" real recipes for hunting sausages with an addition of only natural spices are used (juniper berries, fenugreek, cloudberries).

We cook our products in the right way: we dry them for 40 days, therefore, we receive 500 g of a ready-made product out of 1 kg of meat. It has a special saturated taste, aroma, and a dense texture. The product keeps its properties for a long time. Each product is made and packed by hand.