Sausage rolls
"Umka" sausages for children got a national "Healthy Food" award , and were also recognized as a "Meat Product of Year" at a professional competition at FGBNU V. M. Gorbatov VNIIMP.

"Umka": tasty and healthy food for your children

A line of sausages created especially for 3-year-old children. All products under "Umka" trademark are approved and recommended for baby food by V. M. Gorbatov All-Russian Research Institution of the Meat Industry (ARRIMI). Technologists of the Klin Meat-Processing Plant together with VNIIMP specialists developed a standard (a state standard specification) for children's sausages; therefore, "Umka" sausages are not only safe but also healthy. They are enriched with vitamins and minerals for balanced children's food, do not contain GMO, glutamates, phosphates. All products contain a with the low level of salt.

Products are made at the Klin Meat-Processing Plant in a specialized workshop constructed and equipped according to the European quality standards.