A business card of the "UMKK" trademark are products made in strict accordance with state standard specifications.

The state standard specification is a 100% product quality assurance. For this reason, a lot of decades customers have chosen "UMKK" products with a mark of the state standard specification: boiled sausages "Doktorskaya", "Molochnaya", "Liubitelskaya", "Diabeticheskaya"; "Molochniye" and "Russkiye" sausage rolls.

The "UMKK" trademark is the winner of specialized exhibitions and competitions. It has successfully approved itself in the market thanks to distribution networks and retail stores.

But, perhaps, high and, certainly, unconditional recognition and trust of buyers passing from generation to generation remains the most pleasant award for "UMKK". The choice of traditional product quality of the "UMKK" brand is an indicator of stability, substantiality, and confidence in tomorrow.