Meat Processing

Company Contacts

141600, the Moscow region, Klin, 12, Durymanova str.

+7(49624) 5-84-07
North-Western sales office:
Pushkin, 6a, Avtomobilnaya str.

+7(812) 331-12-51


We monitor closely the meat that arrives at our meat-processing plant so that it is only of premium quality, milk and eggs are fresh, and spices are fragrant and natural. We guarantee 100% safety of our products, therefore, we choose qualified domestic manufacturers, demanding strict requirements concerning the quality of primary produce.

We are proud of the fact that products of the plant are sold not only at the largest distribution networks, but also at the largest Moscow hotels – "Metropol", "National", "Radisson", and among clients of the Food Plant No. 4 - an enterprise that provides catering to the State Duma and the Administration of the President.

Director: Svetlana Germanovna Ryzhova

Production volume: more than 100 tons of sausages and 4 tons of semi-finished products a day


"Klin" and "Umka" won the "Brand of 2015" award at a competition by the federal state budgetary scientific institution "V. M. Gorbatov VNIIMP";

"Umka" sausages for children got the "Healthy Food" national award;

"Meat Processing Plant Klinskiy" became the winner of the VI award "Consumers' Rights and Service Quality" in the "Production Goods. Meat Products" category.