Milk Production

Company Contacts

644504, the Omsk region, the Omsk district, Luzino
16, the 30th anniversary of the Great Victory str.

+7 (3812) 947-380

"Luzinskoye Moloko" LLC

Specialists of "Luzinskoye Moloko" know everything about cows, about what is required so that they produce fat, tasty and high-quality milk. They are also acquainted with the most modern requirements of the dairy production safety. Therefore, milk yield of our cows is one of the highest in the Omsk region, and the quality is at the highest level.

In 2009, "Luzinskoye Moloko" received the status of a breeding plant of dairy cattle cultivation of black and motley breed.

Director: Vladislav Olegovich Shcheglov

Production volume: 30 tons of product per day

Awards: Winner of the "Business Gazelle" award